National Subcommittees 2022
Brave people who care of entity infostructure making it stable, legal and comfortable to develop strong leaders
Who we are
  • Ethic Subcommittee Chair
    Diana Zhukovskaya
    LCP of AIESEC in Ekaterinburg 22.23
  • Legislation Subcommittee Chair
    Serafima Sedyakina
    LCP of AIESEC in Tyumen 22.23
  • Membership Subcommittee Chair
    Tanya Maslennikova
    LCP of AIESEC in Moscow 22.23
  • Steering LCP member
    Adelia Sayarova
    LCP of AIESEC in SPUEF 22.23
  • Steering LCP member
    Ivan Marinin
    LCP of AIESEC in Perm 22.23
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