iGV National Education Cycle

Hello, dear #impactkeeper!
I'm glad to see you here. It means that you're ready to CARE and HEREACHIT' for this PEAK!
On this page you can find all need information to get prepared for fruitful PEAK!
By learning this course you will understand how to Approve, Raise money and Realize your amazing project!

Aipkhan Nurlanov
MC VP iGV 19.20
  • Sales
    1. CSR projects/Sales
    2. Calls
    3. How to work with objections
    4. PODIO

  • Product Management
    1. Creating new project based on research
    2. Product management and role of LC VP iGV
    3. How to make iGV project's budget?
    4. Department Management
    5. Better me for better project
  • Customer Experience
    1. History and relevance of GV in Russia
    2. Operational processes
    3. IR management & Supply and Demand
    4. Exchange standards
    5. XPP
    6. Customer flow and approving
    7. Expectation setting and communication
    8. iGV Interviews

Sales process
CSR in Russia
History of CSR projects in Russia
How to define unique trade offer?

Cold and hot calls
Main processes
How to deal with objections on meetings?

How to work with PODIO?
Why do we use it?

Product Management
What is Product? Who is product manager?
Why is it important?

How to create new project? What is a process? How to make a market research?
How to make your project sustainable?
How to make proper budget?
Let's talk about concept of three week sprint that will bring us to amazing winter peak projects
What is it?
How to make your people productive?
How to manage team in a stressful conditions?

Customer Experience
When did it all start?
What is the history of oGV and iGV in Russia?

What do we do in iGV?
What is approving, hosting, raising etc?
Learn iGV processes
What is IR?
How to communicate with partner? How to find your LC partner?
What are Exchange Standards?
Why do we need to follow them?
How to follow them?
What is XPP?
How to solve cases?
Why do we have to give back money? What are the risks?
What is CF?
How to approve really fast?
What is approving?
How to prepare your EPs for the project?
How to communicate?
What is it?
How to select?
How to prepare?
Don't forget to learn this UNBELIEVABLE ROLLCALL <3
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Aipkhan Nurlanov, MC VP iGV
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